Examination of online education experiences from stakeholder perspective – a Hungarian case study

We are collaborating with the Marketing and Management Department of Széchenyi University on using NLP methods to analyze open-ended questions in surveys. The first results of this collaboration were presented at the HEAd 22 conference, and now the associated paper is available online.

With the rise of Covid-19, higher education has undergone a major
transformation. Prior to the pandemic, many universities offered online
courses, but the majority of universities were characterized by face-to-face
teaching. The goal of this research is to find out students’ and teachers’
opinions on the online education introduced in the first phase of Covid, with
the help of a survey. As teachers had to react very quickly to the situation,
the research would like to assess what worked well and what didn’t during
the online education period, what is in the focus of positive and negative
opinions. The aim of this survey is to get feedback from students and faculty
members regarding their experiences with online education during Covid.

The full paper can be read at this link.

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