Orsolya Putz holds a PhD in Cognitive Linguistics and devotes herself to cognitive sciences. She dreams about a world in which cognitive sciences, AI and data science work hand in hand and jointly produce valuable output, which makes our life better. Currently she is an assistant lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, where she brings together the results of the aforementioned fields. She was member of a data science team of a software developer company.

Zoltán Varjú is the Head of Data Science at Complytron Ltd. He has been working as an expert in Natural Language Processing for 15 years. He has already been applied by small companies, large corporations and NGOs as a software developer, computational linguist, and team leader. Holding MA degrees in Philosophy and Linguistics, he believes that if technology is handled carefully and applied in an ethical way, it can make our world a better place.

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