Check out our portfolio! Drop us a mail at crowintelligence@gmail.com if you want to collaborate with us.

Koffair – building a speech processing pipeline for under-served languages. The Koffair project has been selected for the Google News Initiative Challenge. Read the official announcement to find out more.

We are collaborating with Urbanum Foundation on various GIS and data analysis projects. Read more on the Urbnaum Lab site or the Lab’s github page.

Analyzing Survey Data – We are collaborating with the Marketing and Management Department of Széchenyi University on using NLP methods to analyze open-ended questions in surveys. Read our paper here.

Getting Started with Jupyter Notebook – a Manning liveProject

Getting Started with Goolge Colab Using PyTorch – a Manning liveProject

Getting Started with Google Colab Using TensorFlow – a Manning liveProject

Sentiment Analysis and Natural Language Processing for Marketing – a Manning liveProject

We helped the future fox to analyze open-ended questions of one of their questionnaires

We analyzed public procurement data for K-Monitor, a public watchdog NGO.

We built topic models and extracted keywords of works nominated for the Budapest in 100 words competition.