Can you beat a robot?

We made a graphic summary of our latest post, How to treat your robot? Inspired by The Pudding and sites telling stories using data and other unconventional tools, we made a short graphic teaser to our post. As usual, we used open source tools. This time the entire graphic work was made in GIMP, images were converted to JPEG format with ImageMagick and the text was written with the free Classic Robot Font.

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🤔 🤖 ❓ Thoughts on #ethics #philosophyofmind and #artificialintelligence Is it possible that robots and creatures with artificial intelligence acquire rights? Will overworked carmaker robots establish their union one day? Shall abolitionists help sex robots? Whom to blame when a robot harms a worker in a factory? Will an artificial intelligence go to jail, and if yes, will it be incarcerated with human inmates? These questions seem to be impractical and science-fiction these days, but remember that one day children, women and animal rights were neither topics of public discourse. So, let’s see those features one by one that make something the subject of moral consideration. Click the link in our bio to read more!

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